Welcome to Stockholm June 16-21 2018!

IRnova is proud to welcome you all to Stockholm, Sweden for the QSIP Conference, June 16-21, 2018.

The conference will be held in the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm at the conference center Vår Gård in Saltsjöbaden, Sweden (www.vargard.se). The conference is set for June 17-21, 2018, starting with registration and welcome dinner on June 16th.

The manuscript submission is now open! Click here for information on how to submit



The scientific agenda contains 68 interesting talks on the latest development and applications of QSIP detectors. The talks are divided into the following sessions:

  • Near infrared (NIR) – extended Shortwave infrared (eSWIR)
  • Midwave infrared T2SL and nBn detectors
  • Long wave infrared Type-II Superlattice (T2SL) detectors
  • Quantum Well Infrared Photodetectors (QWIP)
  • Quantum Dot Infrared Photodetectors (QDIP)
  • Quantum Cascade Detectors (QCD)
  • Novel Device Concepts
  • T2SL Growth development
  • Lifetime, mobility, diffusion length
  • FPA characterization and modelling
  • SPACE+proton radiation
  • IR applications

The full agenda is now available here



  • Saturday 16 06 18          Registration and welcome dinner on steamboat
  • Sunday 17 06 18             Conference: QWIP, QDIP, SPACE, IR applications, Social: After work mingle
  • Monday 18 06 18            Conference: LWIR T2SL, MWIR T2SL and nBn, QCD, Special event: Women leaders in science and technology
  • Tuesday 19 06 18            Conference: Novel device concepts, Social: Sailing excursion
  • Wednesday 20 06 18    Conference: T2SL Growth, Lifetime, mobility, diffusion length, FPA characterization and modelling, Social: Gala dinner
  • Thursday 21 06 18          Conference: NIR-eSWIR, Novel device concepts

A more detailed agenda is available here



Conference site and hotel

We have found a great spot for QSIP 2018 in Saltsjöbaden, 30 min east of Stockholm right where the Stockholm archipelago begins. The Hotel is called Vår Gård (vargard.se). The name translates to ‘Our Mansion’ and that is the way it will be in QSIP 2018. There are plenty of rooms for all of us but small enough that we can call it our own.  It is located  right at the waterfront in tranquil surroundings, but also close to downtown Stockholm by public transportation. Please book your room/rooms in the registration form. We can guarantee rooms for everyone until February 11th, 2018.



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