About Stockholm

Public transportation

Subway sign, Stockholm

The easiest way is by bus, subway or local train. On arrival you will get a card valid for a few trips by public transportation. The card can easily be replenished with your credit card. Information on traffic and routes can be found at sl.se. There is also a good app for route planning and tickets called SL.


Taxi price information

Taxi is rather expensive in Stockholm and you need to be careful when selecting you taxi. All taxis have a sticker showing the price like this (picture). Make sure that your the price of tour intended taxi has a reasonable price (around 350 kr) before starting your journey. Several small operators rip off tourists who do not know what to look for. Another choice is to stay with the major companies, such as Taxi Stockholm, Taxi Kurir, Taxi 020.

A ride between destinations in Stockholm should be SEK 150-300 and a late night ride to Vår gård around SEK 600-800.

What to see, do and shop

There is obviously a lot to see, do and buy in Stockholm. A stroll in the old town “Gamla Stan”, a visit to the Vasa museum, shopping at Stureplan are some of the more popular activities but there is something for everyone. Please check out Visit Stockholm, official tourist information, for more information.


Stockholm is a relatively safe city and most city areas can safely be visited in the evenings. It is however important to use common sense and stay in public, well lit areas. Pickpockets are frequent in crowded tourist areas during summer. Mind your belongings.


June can be unpredictable and offer 10 C and rain as well as 25 C and sunshine. Swimming is an invigorating experience as the water temperature will be 13-17 C. Try it.


Due to the geographical position one of the most striking features Stockholm has to offer is long days. The sun will rise around 03.30 and set around 22.00 and it will be another hour before darkness has ascended.


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