The Venue – Vår Gård

Vår gård translates in to our mansion and is a conference facility nested between the city and the archipelago. It can be conveniently reached by a local train service and the ride to Stockholms center is about 30 minutes. A taxi ride should cost around 5-600 SEK depending on the company.




The hotel has plenty of comfortable rooms, singles, doubles and a few suites. Booking is easily done via the registration page and we guarantee availability until the February 11th, 2018.



We’ll enjoy breakfast, lunch and some dinners, like the Gala dinner at Vår gård. Please make sure not to miss out on the pastries served at the coffee brakes. They are made by one of the finest pastry chefs in Sweden.


The spa is located in the beach house where you also find the sauna. Try a hot sauna followed by a quick dip in the sea. Many swedes do it even in the winter. There is also a spa,, where you can book treatments for further relaxation.


Our hotel will be happy to help you with changes in your reservation, special requests etc. Please note that you have to make the initial reservation on the registration page. You can contact the hotel at or +468 748 77 00.


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